Friday, January 17, 2014

Beauty In A Nutshell//DIY Face Primer!

First it was DIY concealer and now it's DIY Primer! I've been hearing about people going gaga on primers for ages now and so far I've only tried the Loreal Studio Secrets one which I quite fancied (until the sample got over that is) and have been on the fence about investing money to get one. I mean they do work wonders, right?
In case you are new on the bandwagon, a primer is a face product base that helps the foundation go on smoother, makes your skin look more even (prior to foundation usage), takes away shine thus mattifying that pretty face and most importantly helps your look stay on longer taking away the risk of melting. There are primers developed to solve special skin problems too, but today we are going to make a potion for the basic primer that does the above mentioned tasks.

DIY Face Primer:

1.Store bought Aloe vera gel   >> Mattifies
2.Water based moisturizer >> To help your foundation go on smoother
3. A couple of drops of foundation >> For light coverage
4. Sunblock (optional)
5.Face Powder >> Prevents shine
6. A jar to blend in the contents and a tiny spoon

1.Begin by pouring in a blob of the aloevera gel (I'm using a combination of aloe and cucumber because that's what I had). If you have normal skin, add the same amount of moisturizer. My skin
is combination during most of the year and dry during winters which is why I added slightly more gel compared to moisturizer.
So basically:
Normal skin         >> Equal parts gel & moisturizer
Dry skin               >> Less gel, more moisturizer
Oily/Combo Skin >>More gel, less moisturizer

2.Next add in the foundation. Add this as per the coverage you wish to achieve. I you want this to function like a tinted moisturizer, add a tiny amount. For more of a bb cream thingy, add more.

3.Add in the sunblock and loose powder.

4.Swirl in everything together till it's nice and even. Your finished result shouldn't be too dense or too runny, somewhere in between is perfect.

And we're done! Try it on! I was quite impressed with the results. I wore just primer on for most of the first day that I used it and people did notice the difference. exactly like a mlbb (my skin but better) look!

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PS: I've seen a bunch of variations now and then of this recipe. I suggest you make a sample first (a week's worth) and test it out. If you''re satisfied, you can go ahead and make a larger amount.

For now, sweet hugs and Adieu.


  1. This is awesome! And that diy jewelry box is genius! I might have to round that one up for my next 'Genius, Right?' spot. Happy we found eachothers blogs!

  2. Aww.. thank you Micheline! I'll follow your blog right away so that I can keep up with the newest posts! :)

  3. Wow, I have looked at alot of blogs, and websites with beauty tips & tricks, etc...I have never once seen DIY Primer instructions!! Primer is always expensive. I just recently became unemployed, and I'm so excited to try this! I bet I have everything already here at home. Wish I would have come across this years ago. I'm so happy. I can't wait to try. I just started following your blog. I found you by accident when I accidentally found your friends blog where you posted the jewelry box DIY post. So I came over here after reading it, to see what else I could make! I had my own idea for the jewelry box. I mean for the rolls inside, then cover with velvet. I had not tried my idea yet, but after reading your instructions for the jewelry box, and seeing you used the pink foam rollers all stuffed inside, I thought thats genius! why didn't I think of that? Great idea! Alot better than what I was thinking. Thank you. I'm excited to check back every day here, and see what new goodies you post. You are just my style! Wonderful blog. Glad I found you!

  4. Oh Melissa, your comment just. made. my. day <3 I hope this primer really does suit you because I'm addicted to it right now, it gives my skin just the perfect no-makeup look where it looks naturally radiant! And aww, that's so sweet of you to say how you found Laurel's blog and mine. She's such a lovely blogger. I'm glad making the jewelry box would be easier for you now. So happy to help! xoxo

  5. Thank you so much for posting this. I'm going to try this today, but I was wondering could you leave out the foundation?

    1. You're welcome Anne. You could definitely leave out the foundation. It's only responsible for adding tint and subtle coverage for evening out the skin. The longevity factor comes from the aloe gel and the loose powder. Hope that helped xx

  6. Hello, may i know what brand of face powder you are using? I would definitely want to know all those brand you are using because my skin is just same like yours. How to prevent my nose to be oily. =(
    Thank you =)

    1. I'm using Maybelline's "clear-smooth" , maybelline's dream liquid mousse for foundation (though I recommend the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25h Foundation for super oily skin), Lotus SPF 70 tinted sunblock, Lacto Calamine lotion and VLCC's aloe gel. Most of the products are more readily available in South East Asian countries (India to be more specific). Hope that helps. :)

  7. Hello, may i know what brand of face powder you are using? I would definitely want to know all those brand you are using because my skin is just same like yours. How to prevent my nose to be oily. =(
    Thank you =)

    1. Hello Fion. I'm sorry for the late reply, I must have missed your comment. I typically use Maybelline face products because they are finely milled and still give good coverage while lasting a decent time :) The one I loved best is Maybelline Clearglow or Clearsmooth.

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  10. Hey! I just tried this out. I am from india and i had all this already available and i applied it to my hand, it feels so good and soft.I am in my late teens and have recently got introduced to makeup (i know its too late when compared to the western countries) . I have a medium complexion, a little to the fairer side and i went the other day to buy a primer but it was so expensive :/ and being a student i have a limited budget and then i found your blog. Thankyou so much, this primer is so amazing. It works perfectly without burning a hole in the pocket.

    1. I'm so glad you love it Manvi, Keep in mind that it's better to make a fresh batch every two weeks or so. The product does tend to separate over time. :) Lotus also sells a tinted spf 70 sunblock which gives good coverage if you've got fair skin. :)

    2. I didnt use liquid foundation instead i had used the lotus spf 50 tinted sunblock as it gives a good peachish/pinkish glow and i think thats a perfect tint for a primer




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